Amgen Tour of California Stage 8

Well, today was an amazing day on Palomar Mountain! I have never seen this many people up here, it was great!

It all started with an intense baking session at my house. My wife, my sister, and Amanda were there furiously baking cookies until after midnight! Then it was up by 6:30.

The day started off a little disappointing, I had reserved 7 parking spaces at my house, but only 1 person actually parked there! A couple of people did contact me about not making it, but a few didn’t even call or e-mail so I was stuck waiting for them until about 11 am.  Then it was down to our booth, which multiplied as Bonnie let us set up another booth at her spot right by the King of the Mountain line!

This was a very exciting race, I know absolutley nothing about cycling, and pretty much only know of Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis…but this was really an awesome event! We ended up right on the road about 200 yards past the King of the mountain! A lot of fun, and a great crowd…the cycling community are a great bunch of people. Here are the pics…

Our chalk drawing on the race route

Our chalk drawing on the race route

Leader Pack KOM

Lance Armstrong in the yellow helmet

Lance Armstrong in the yellow helmet


~ by lifeonthemountain on February 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Amgen Tour of California Stage 8”

  1. Thank you for dropping by Cyclelicious — your photos are great! I’m glad you enjoyed the race.

  2. Cool pictures! Looks like a fun time. 😀

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