More Snow…

Lots more snow up here on Palomar! We had about a foot or so last weekend, about 5″ last night with more on the way! Mountain living is so much different than living in the city. I think I am addicted to and, I have also become proficient at reading special weather statements and severe storm warnings! I am getting a lot better at getting a fire going, I am getting much better at digging snow, and am a little more confident in my snow/ice driving! Although we are getting used to mountain life, it wouldn’t be without help from people in the community! There is a sense of community up here, where neighbors help out neighbors…so thanks to my neighbors who have helped me out!!
Maybe one day I will be more of a mountain man…as long as I have central heat and a plowed driveway!

not fun to drive on

not fun to drive on


~ by lifeonthemountain on February 14, 2009.

One Response to “More Snow…”

  1. Do you still have parking at your house? The school benefits? Thank you, Desi

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