Wow, we had a lot of snow! Having grown up in Escondido, I haven’t had much experience in snow. Growing up, my family and I would go to Idyllwild (San Bernardino Mountains) every new year, but as far as living where it snows…not much experience, by that I mean none. Well this week we had a lot of snow, I measured just under two feet on the driveway, and over three feet had drifted onto our porch because of the wind! Mattias loved it, and we are SO thankful that we are in a new, warm place for the winter! Also, we are thankful for Don Phelps who stopped by and plowed our entire driveway! That was awesome!!! Well, here are some pics…

loving the snow!

loving the snow!

snow on the porch

morning after the storm

morning after the storm


~ by lifeonthemountain on December 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “SNOW!!!”

  1. WOW!! Mattias looks cute! That was a great picture of the morning after the storm.

  2. So when can we bring Andrew and Nate up to play in the snow?? They’ve been asking. Great pictures, by the way!

  3. Welcome to my world! I love the snow – we’ve had about 8-10 inches in the desert – looks like a white Christmas!!!!

  4. You have more snow than we do! What a rip!

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