It’s a record, three posts in one night!  We are in Escondido tonight and have access to high speed internet, which is better than our no-speed internet that we have at home!

Anyway, I wanted to make sure that if you are a Palomar resident, or frequent visitor, you are invited to come to our small group that meets every Thursday night at our house (6:30-8:00pm).  The group is called SOIL, which stands for…

S-scripture: we study and discuss the Bible, we don’t avoid controversial topics, but spend time discussing them!

O-outreach: we are involved in outreach, always seeking new ways to reach out to the community and beyond

I- investment: in this group you get the chance to invest in each other’s live, hold each other accountable, and have a great time just getting to know people!

L- love: we love God, love each other and love others!

This might sound different from a traditional Bible study, and that is because…it is!  You don’t have to be a Biblical scholar, or even a Christian to come and hang out…come join discussion, ask tough questions, worship God or just come to spend time with other Palomaranians… Everyone is welcome!  email me for directions!




~ by lifeonthemountain on November 25, 2008.

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