Sad News

Well, Halloween came and went, and we had to be in Escondido for the weekend.  We left our cats plenty of food, and they are used to us being gone for a night or two.  They sleep on an enclosed porch, but they can get in and out.  We came home Sunday afternoon, and I went out there to see if they were there and to feed them.  THe bowl was empty, and even the big water bowl was empty, which was a little strange.  I saw something from the corner of my eye lying on one of our two beds that are on the porch…it was Tred, actually about half of him.  I could tell that he was savagely attacked, and had been eaten.  There was blood all over near the door of the porch, with raccoon footprints in the blood.  Apparently he had been cornered by raccoons and killed.  Palin is still missing, we hope for the best…

Last night the raccoons came back onto the back porch, and climbed onto the bed where I found Tred.  I desperately wanted to avenge the death of Tred, so I grabbed my pellet gun, but alas, was too late.  Maybe next time.  I would look good in a coon skin hat!




~ by lifeonthemountain on November 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sad News”

  1. That’s terrible! I didn’t know raccoons were so vicious.

  2. Andrew,

    I had a similar situation back in Mariposa. My in-laws cat had kittens and a racoon got ahold of them and actually ripped their faces off and threw them over a bank. We were not able to save any of them, but we did avenge them.
    Another one was scaring our cats and eatingtheir food at our house in Midpines. We actually laid in wait for it. Be careful, they are mean. This one was so big it took three 9mm slugs to finally kill it.I was like somethin out of Pet Semetary – it kept hissing and crawling at us!
    HAve no mercy, Racoons are not cute!

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