There are times in a prent’s life that make us swell with pride.  A child’s first step, first tooth, first words, and many more events make us happy, and proud to be parents.  This entry has absolutely nothing to do with that, I am proud that our cats have caught their first mouse! 

Let me start by saying that I am not a “cat guy”.  I prefer to have dogs, but up here it is kind of a necessity to have cats in order to keep the rodent population down.  So, Kim and I adopted two cats from the Woods family.  Since I wanted the cats to be great hunters, I named one “Tred” after Tred Barta, and one Palin  I thought that those names would in some way help them in their quest for wild, rodent game.  Well today, just as a father watching his son take his first steps, I am proud to say that Tred and Palin have killed their first mouse!  Pretty awesome!  Check out the pics, I made sure to put them thumbnail size as to not offend those who would rather not see dead vermin.



Tred and Palin

Tred and Palin

their victim


~ by lifeonthemountain on October 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Proud”

  1. I am so proud of your kitties. I am actually a cat person, but I have always had dogs around. I love cats and enjoy watching them hunt. Aren’t they amazing. They are so patient and sneaky. I love your choice of names.
    I hope all is well with you and that Kim is doing fine also. We had a scare with our Heather this last week. She went into the hopital bleeding and we thought she may be carrying twins. Early term. She found out that all is well, there is only one baby and she is seven and a half weeks along, not six. Praise God! So It was all good news. We were nervous because she miscarried a few months back and it started the same way. So, we will be grandparents again!
    I miss you guys and hope to see you soon.

  2. Kinda reminds me of a book that Johnny & I are reading. “Warriors” Your kittypets are warriors in training.

  3. We have our cat Mieu Mieu and sometimes she gets in these crazy moods at 4 in the morning where she starts tearing around the house and all over us. I’ve named this alter-ego of hers Sprinkles (that name came to me in a sleep-deprived moment..maybe because it sounds feisty). So nowadays, when the baby is rolling around in her tight little quarters more than usual, and pushing my guts up and out to where they feel like they’re gonna come spilling out of my ears, I tell Dan that she’s got a case of the Sprinkles. Not nearly as impressive as the very mighty and very instinctual Kish Cats, but a cat story none the less.
    Hope to see you down at the shop soon.
    And…did Kim tell you…I am obsessed with Buck Hunter. There’s nothing more odd than prego, vegetarian girl tearing it up on a hunting arcade game.

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