Fire Prevention Week

Class with the Cheif

Class with the Chief

Manning the hose

Manning the hose


It is another beautiful, fall day up here on the mountain!  The leaves are changing, acorns are ripening and falling to the ground, and the sky is a shade of blue that is indescribable.  The culmination of all these things brings to mind just one thing…wildfires! 

This week is fire prevention week, and since we are just about 100 yards from the fire station, we got to head up there and learn about fire prevention from Chief George Lucia of the Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department (PMVFD).  The kids learned about fire prevention in the home, stop, drop and roll procedures, and all about fire equipment.  Perhaps the highlight of the trip was when they got to man the hose for a while.  This was a really fun trip thanks to Chief Lucia and his wife!  The PMVFD has been a great resource for us up here, they are friendly and always willing to help out, they have definitely gone above and beyond!  In the upcoming weeks/months I hope to become the volunteer Chaplain for the PMVFD! 

Also, October 25th there is a Chili Cook-off and Potluck Dinner at the Fire Department (Corner of S-7 and Crestline)  It should be a great time!




~ by lifeonthemountain on October 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fire Prevention Week”

  1. who is that cute guy in the green shirt?

  2. You can tell Mattias is right in his glory! How cute!

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